About Us

Highlight Impressions, Photographic Images

Highlight Impressions has been in business since 1995. Owner Bill Mumm enjoys the RV lifestyle and have traveled around the western U.S. and Hawaii taking high quality photographs with a Nikon 6006 camera using Fuji professional 35mm slide film. I now have a large collection of photos in the following categories: Religious, Wildlife, Scenic, National Parks, Waterfalls, Nature, Covered Bridges, Hot Air Balloons, Flowers, Birds, and Stained Glass. We have produced such items as: Bookmarks, Postcards, Greeting/note cards, Place mats, Posters, T-shirts, Brochures, Framed prints and Digital art. During the early trips I designed three bookmarks with Bible verses. They were well received which encouraged me to increase our stock. I now have 34 designs in stock and recently created a frig mag. I began offering them for sale in 2005 so others might experience the truth of Matthew 13:3-9 & 18-23 (parable of the sower). If you feel called to be a sower of Gods word, I have seeds.

These quality bookmarks are a great way to present God's Word to a readers mind. Their basic function places the message in front of your audience over and over again, every time they are used.

The bookmarks are designed to enlighten, encourage, and/or inspire those who read them. A wonderful gift to lift a persons spirit. Include them with greeting cards, letters and other correspondence. They compliment hospital ministries, nursing home ministries, missions, outreach programs, Prison ministries, youth ministries, etc. A local hospital places a bookmark on the breakfast tray of each patient. A mission includes them in their food baskets. They can be personalized and given as gifts in outreach ministries by putting your name and phone number in the spaces provided. They are also used with the young for support in scripture lessons and memory work.